Our Phone Necklace “The Nude One” has an all nude-brown-beige look, is the definition of understated elegance. This Color looks clean, fresh, refined and quite luxurious. The mix of all nude colours holds a certain femininity to it and a classy minimalism with tones of glamour or bohemian vibes, while being kind of understated. If for the Ladies or Gents- this color goes well with all colors and skintones and melts perfectly into the Autumn Scenerey with the fallen leaves and golden sunrays lighting up the City.


Unsere Smartphone Kette " The Nude One" besticht durch ihre natürlichen Beige- und Braun-Töne. Eine Allrounder der besonders jetzt im Herbst/ Winter sehr gut harmoniert und kombiniert werden kann mit verschiedenen anderen Nuancen: ein helles Beige, ein pudriges Rosé, ein dunkleres Braun oder auch dezente Pastell-Farben.

Wie bei all unseren Handyketten besteht "the Nude One" aus Nappa Leder. Gold Elemente runden den Look ab. 


The Nude One

Artikelnummer: 001
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  • The Smartphone Necklace combines being practical and stylish at the same time. The long leather necklace is connected to a transparent silicon hard case for your smartphone model.You can change the length of the necklace to your size and your preferred use: You can wear our BNDLS as a classic necklace around your neck or you can wear it like a crossbody bag. It’s perfect for keeping your phone at eyes sight. No more searching in Diaper Bags, Handbags, Gymbags! Dont miss anymore calls, messages or spontaneous snapshots. 


    Please note:

    This case does not guarantee 100% protection to your Smartphone. Scratches may occur from the split rings or particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at own risk.





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