Our Smartphone Necklace "The Grey One" is perfect for those who are not big fans of bold colors and have a soft spot for neutrals. Or it can simply be a way to tone down other bold colors you are wearing. Made out of Nappa leather that's butter-soft to the touch!


Unsere Smartphone Kette "The Grey One" ist perfekt für jeden der keine grellen statement Farben bevorzugt. Ein schönes sattes Grau kombinierbar zu allen Farben. Wie bei all unseren Handyketten besteht "The Grey One" aus 100% Nappa Leder. Silber Elemente runden den Look ab. 

The Grey One

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  • The Smartphone Necklace combines being practical and stylish at the same time. The long leather necklace is connected to a transparent silicon hard case for your smartphone model.You can change the length of the necklace to your size and your preferred use: You can wear our BNDLS as a classic necklace around your neck or r you can wear it like a crossbody bag. It’s perfect for keeping your phone at eyes sight. No more searching in Diaper Bags, Handbags, Gymbags! Dont miss anymore calls, messages or spontaneous snapshots. 


    Please note:

    This case does not guarantee 100% protection to your Smartphone. Scratches may occur from the split rings or particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at own risk.